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If there are murderers who believe they have soft and loving hearts under all layers. If there are murderers who believe they are being convicted for their defense, not for evil deeds… And sincerely feel that way… If there are people who believe they are experiencing much injustice because they suffer nagging, difficulties and catastrophes despite their efforts to care for so many… Aren’t we talking about the same trap we fall into time and again? The trap I’m used to…?

We link our honest efforts to our “punishment” or “what happens to us”. All with one goal: to put ourselves in a role of victim in which we feel incredibly comfortable.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. But we should link the consequences of these mistakes to the mistakes we make. Let’s drown blacks in black. And link the consequences of what we do well with what we do well.

That’s how I see it. By mixing the lines together, life becomes even more complex than it is. And we can punish ourselves with painful thoughts when it is inappropriate.

I categorically oppose the idea of positive psychology, etc. But I do support a pragmatic view of the world and our own behavior. If we want to start rewarding ourselves for constructive steps (as far as we can estimate such an incident) … Then we must stop blaming ourselves for things that we have either already paid off or that we only have to pay off to ourselves.

How and what else… I’m still brooding on that. But I guess my thoughts are intriguing enough to start the discussion here.